Safe Studio Standards

In line with the government guidelines we’ll be re-opening our studio doors on the 22nd June 2020 with safety front of mind. We’re re-opening the studio with confidence and commitment to the highest standards of health and safety for our members and team of instructors.

Due to government restrictions our mat and reformer studios will have a maximum capacity of 10 people in each class. Our class timetable is staggered ensuring there’s enough space for you to enter and exit the studio. All classes on the schedule are 45 minutes long.

Enjoy Your Extra Space

Hand sanitiser is provided upon entry for you to use before and after class. The studio will be closed in between classes, allowing for a full sanitise and disinfect of the studio space. This includes all equipment and studio surfaces.

Cleaning Standards

Sorry, showers are not to be used during this time. If you fill up your water bottle at our water station, please ensure you wipe it down afterwards with disinfectant provided.

Studio Facilities

We ask you to please avoid cash payments. Card payments are preferred.


Our instructors will use only verbal cues and corrections in class during this time.

Within the Mat Room
In the mat room, weights are pre-positioned next to your allocated space to ensure no equipment is shared. All equipment is disinfected after each class. We do also ask that you clean your equipment yourself before and after class. Mats will no longer be provided in the mat room. Please arrive to class with your own personal mat, and large sweat towel. Towels can still be hired at the studio.

Reformer Room
There will be no sharing of equipment in the reformer room. All reformer beds are disinfected in between classes. We do also ask that you wipe down your space before and after the class as well. Please arrive to class with socks to wear in the reformer room, and a large sweat towel.

Equipment Standards

All class bookings are to be made online prior to the class. We will not be taking walk-ins at this time.

Mat and reformer classes are staggered, so they no longer start at the same time. This is to avoid more than 10 people in the studio at the one time. You will have ample space to get in and out of class.

Studio doors open 5 minutes prior to class. We ask you to enter and exit the studio quickly, to avoid contact with other people in the studio reception area. This also allows us to complete a thorough clean of the entire studio (bathrooms and reception included) in between each and every class.

Please patiently wait outside the studio prior to your class, adhering to social distancing.

We will be enforcing temperature checks upon class check-in.

Arrival and Departure Standards

We understand sometimes things come up, and you can’t always make the class you’ve booked. Please cancel your booking in order to make room for another member to book into class.

Within 5 hours of the scheduled class, you will forfeit your session and receive a $5 late cancellation fee.

If you choose not to cancel your booking and don’t attend the class, you will forfeit your session and receive a $10 no-show fee.

Cancellation Policy