Our Story


At CorePlus, we believe strength is an inner thing.  It’s knowing ourselves.  Understanding ourselves.  Respecting ourselves.  Putting ourselves, and our health and wellbeing, first. We are number one.

We connect the body and the mind, to become more resilient.  More positive.  More energetic.  More alive.  We bounce back stronger, wiser and more empowered from every single thing life throws our way.  This is not expectation of any kind.  This is pretentiousness, eliminated.  We will not be intimidated by exercise.  By pilates planks, boxing drills or the ballet barre.

We are teamwork.  We are supporting your neighbour through every crunch, every punch.  We are freedom, inspiration, fun.  We are sweaty, sore and satisfied.

We are life-changing.  We are CorePlus.



It all started with yoga.  After falling in love with the benefits of yoga and meditation, Amy completed her Bikram Yoga training in the United States in 2007.  Having always been into her own personal fitness, it was the way Bikram Yoga combined physical movement and mindfulness to develop, strengthen and regenerate not only the body, but also the mind, that Amy became so attracted to.

From there, Amy trained further in anatomy, Pilates, and other forms of yoga both at home and abroad, before diving even deeper into the world of wellbeing.

With a passion for health and fitness, and a contagious energy and enthusiasm, Amy is changing up the fitness scene to help people better themselves in a way we’d never seen before.


The reason we do this is pretty simple: we want to create stronger, healthier, more resilient bodies and minds.  We’re on a mission to help every single person become their best self, and to live life to the fullest.

So, we work hard to create innovative results-based group fitness experiences that focus on both the body and the mind – creating fitter, healthier, more balanced versions of ourselves.

When you come to a CorePlus class, expect to be uplifted, energised and empowered.  From our classes that are challenging and invigorating to our curated playlists to keep you inspired, CorePlus is a class-leading training programme that changes lives, and that’s why we’re continually motivated to do what we do.

We Love what we do