Our Story


At CorePlus, there are no expectations. There’s no pressure. Have fun, enjoy the moment. Learn more about yourself and your body. Create new friendships and build enduring relationships.

CorePlus is where inspiration lives and where inner strength is found. Our mission is to get people out there and being active together, to redefine fitness as part of everyday recreational life. When you drop the expectations to perform, the magic happens.

Our culture is our community.



Pilates and yoga have long been a passion for Amy who has been teaching since 2007 after studying yoga in the United States. Further training both in Australia and abroad in Pilates and yoga inspired her to create CorePlus which brings a unique and balanced approach through her ‘mindful movement for everybody’ philosophy.

Amy’s journey inspired her to create a practice that combined physical movement and mindfulness to build stronger and more resilient bodies and minds.

Amy is passionate about sharing her 10+ years of industry experience with others and leads the CorePlus instructor training programme. Amy also works closely with franchisee partners to bring the CorePlus experience to new studio locations and help them establish their own fitness community.


The reason we do this is pretty simple: we want to create stronger, healthier, more resilient bodies and minds.  We’re on a mission to help every single person become their best self, and to live life to the fullest.

So, we work hard to create innovative results-based group fitness experiences that focus on both the body and the mind – creating fitter, healthier, more balanced versions of ourselves.

When you come to a CorePlus class, expect to be uplifted, energised and empowered.  From our classes that are challenging and invigorating to our curated playlists to keep you inspired, CorePlus is a class-leading training programme that changes lives, and that’s why we’re continually motivated to do what we do.

We Love what we do