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Posted on 1 July 2017 by Amy King, Founder CORE+

Know the feeling of tight muscles and being a little fatigued after a CORE+ session? Or general soreness after running, riding, sitting at a desk all day, or chasing after kids!? Then active recovery is for you. While you might think the best way to recover is by taking a few days break, we’ve got a better idea and it’s our Recover + Restore classes. These active recovery classes are equally as important as high-intensity fitness training and an essential ingredient to add to your fitness regime. We’re exploring a few handy tips to keep active recovery front of mind on your rest days.

– Get enough sleep
– Eat the right foods (protein-packed, nutrient-rich wholefoods)
– Stretch
– Go for a walk on soft sand
– Swim in salt water
– Spray magnesium oil on those tired muscles
– Make friends with a foam roller

And check out our RECOVER + RESTORE classes. Our most regenerative class that will heal the body, soothe the mind and encourage you to be present in the now.   We use a series of stretches, foam rolling exercises and mindful meditation techniques to perfectly complement your CORE+ repertoire.  Recover + Restore will revitalise muscle tissue and reward you on the way out with a grounded, calm mindset.

The idea of active recovery is to encourage blood flow throughout the entire body, so stay active and come try out our new Recover + Restore classes.


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