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Posted on 3 May 2018 by Amy King, Founder, CORE+

Is there anything peanut butter can’t do? It’s packed with vitamin E, magnesium, potassium, and is said to decrease the likelihood of a whole bunch of health ailments, including heart disease, colon cancer and diabetes. Not to mention it’s damn tasty on just about anything you have in the fridge or pantry.

But with 190 calories and 16 grams of fat per two tablespoons, many people have completely banned peanut butter from their diet. To that we say don’t be so quick to judge; peanut butter is extremely nutritious, keeps you fuller for longer, and is mostly made up of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat – not the kind we’re supposed to steer clear of.  In fact, thanks to its healthy fat and protein content, peanut butter makes one of the best possible pre- and post-workout snacks. Just remember to only ever buy 100% natural peanut butter, and watch that you don’t overindulge. A little bit of PB goes a long way.

Here are some of our favourite snacks using our favourite spread. If you’re allergic to (or just dislike) peanuts, no biggie. Simply substitute the peanut butter with almond or cashew butter.

Brown rice cakes with peanut butter and raspberries
Top two 100% brown rice cakes with a spread of peanut butter, followed by four or five fresh raspberries per rice cake for a nutritionally-balanced (and really yum) snack.

Banana + peanut butter protein shake
Tastes like you’re having a sweet treat, sans the post-treat guilt. Toss half a banana, one serving of your favourite protein, two teaspoons of peanut butter and a cup of almond milk or water in your blender. Sip, and vow that you’ll drink this every day.

Apple wedges with peanut butter
Perfect for the time-poor but very hungry. All you need to do to create this pre- or post-workout snack is slice the apple into wedges and spread PB on top. Simple.

Peanut butter bliss balls
These little balls of health are the perfect 3:30itis hunger buster; they please your sweet tooth, while stabilising your blood sugar levels and keeping you full until dinner. We love this date-free recipe by Australian nutritionist and author, Jessica Sepel. Need a pick-me-up before or after your CORE+ class? We sell the most amazing paleo bars and bites by Blue Dinosaur at our counter!

Fruit and nut snack bowl
Throw together ½ cup of greek yogurt, some mixed nuts and seeds, a handful of fresh berries, a sprinkle of chia seeds and two teaspoons of peanut butter for an epic snack that might become your go-to breakfast too.

Guilt-free nice cream
Craving something sweet the minute you finish dinner? Make a batch Chocolate Covered Katie’s Choc Peanut Butter Nice Cream on the weekend and have a couple of scoops in case of emergency. To make, blend the ingredients and (patiently) wait for it to set.

Whole grain toast topper
Bliss balls and nice cream are great and all, but nothing quite beats the original: peanut butter toast. Give this classic a healthy makeover by choosing very high quality whole grain bread and spreading with 100% natural peanut butter, before experimenting with further toppings. Our go-to combos are blueberry and ricotta, banana and cacao nibs, apple and walnuts, and homemade jam with fresh strawberries.

We’re always in need of pre- and post-workout peanut butter snack ideas. Share yours on the CORE+ Facebook page.