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Posted on 27 June 2018 by Amy King, Founder, CORE+

Falling off the wagon happens to the best of us. One minute we’ll be prepping salads and attending reformer Pilates five times a week; the next, we’ll be digging into a tub of choc-chip ice-cream and considering a sleep-in instead. It’s a dangerous and slippery slope, and the longer you’re out of your routine, the harder it is to get back on top.

Luckily, these days there are countless health and fitness apps that promise to keep you on track from your pocket. Whether it’s nutrition, exercise or motivation you need help with, all you need to do is download one of these handy apps and let it carry you towards that health goal.



Strava is great for making your fitness journey a social one, and is even better if you love a bit of healthy competition. It allows you to track your runs or walks, share photos, and connect with friends so you can compare how they are travelling with their fitness goals.



While we don’t condone counting calories in order to get healthy, we do love Lifesum for its food journal function, which enables you to see where you’re going wrong with your diet (like those 3pm biscuits everyday…) It also has a library of healthy recipes for when you get stuck at dinnertime.



Whether it’s your regular CORE+ class, or a remedial massage to counteract all that kettlebell action, Mindbody is the quickest and easiest way to book in with your favourite wellness spots. By booking your classes and appointments in advance for the week, you’re much less likely to cancel! It’s like tricking yourself to stay on track.


Sworkit Workouts and Stretching

Two ideal apps for the CORE+ junkie that are easy to use anywhere, anytime. On one hand is Sworkit Workouts which provides 5-60 minute guided video workouts that are perfect for warm-ups before class, or for adding an extra hit of exercise to your daily regime. On the other hand, Sworkit Stretching offers quick Pilates series’ and full body stretch routines to do first thing in the morning or right before bed at night!


Nike Training Club

Maybe you’re travelling or maybe you want to increase your fitness to help out with your Pilates mission. Either way, if you can’t get to a CORE+ class, the Nike Training Club app is like a pocket-sized personal trainer, offering 160+ workouts for all levels, and expert tips from top trainers. Try our favourites Quick Hit Abs or Lengthen & Flow, which can also be completed at home to boost your CORE+ progress.



Hands up if you follow far too many fitness accounts on Instagram? Playbook is the perfect app for you; it takes this one step further with top trainers, social media influencers and athletes sharing their real-time workouts and expert tips. Each fitness leader has their own channel so you can tune in for an instant hit of motivation.



The CORE+ app is by far the quickest and easiest way to book in all of your favourite classes so you don’t miss out on a spot! Get organised and spend 10 minutes on a Sunday scheduling your workouts for the week ahead, and while you’re there, check the Reviews section – you might just find a new class to try.

Is there another fitness app that keeps you on track? Head to the CORE+ Facebook page and share it with us.