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Posted on 21 November 2018 by Amy King, Founder, CORE+

How many times have you heard your early morning alarm beep, and told yourself there’s no way you’re going to class today? How about when you’ve finished from a looong day at work, and you can hear your Netflix account calling your name?

CORE+ Malvern East member Melissa Murgana has had plenty of these moments, but the difference is she’s managed to push herself through… to a massive 750 classes!

When we heard Melissa had reached this huge milestone, our ears (and quads) couldn’t quite believe it, so we sat down with the Pilates and yoga powerhouse to find out just how she did it. Spoiler alert: It’s all about determination!

Hey Melissa! Congratulations on reaching 750 classes with CORE+! Take us back to your very first class…. What was the experience like?

Yes, I definitely remember my first class. My friend invited me to try out this new studio in our area. I remember it was a pretty tough workout and I had to keep stopping, and I was sore for the next few days. Even though it was hard, I liked it because I was doing exercises I’d never done before. Prior to this, I hadn’t exercised regularly… EVER! I didn’t even know what a plank was. What started as a social thing seeing friends in class became a steady routine I built and I haven’t stopped in almost four years.

How has your Pilates and yoga journey evolved over this time?

Early on it was quite social, but it didn’t take too long before I started taking it a lot more seriously. Over the months, I became committed to the days that I would go to class, and I would work my schedule around class times to make sure I didn’t miss one. I now do double classes Monday and Wednesday nights, as I figure I’m already sweaty from the first class!

Sounds like CORE+ means a lot to you!

It’s sounds cliche, but it’s a community; you see a lot of the same faces week-in-week-out. We are all there for the same reason so it’s nice to be a part of something I’m really into. It’s also nice to have found an exercise regime that I love and one that works for me.

The other thing is that it allows me to take an hour out of my day where I zone out and focus on the class. As much as I hate the sweaty hair at the end of class, it’s a sign I’ve worked hard. It’s just a part of my routine now that I couldn’t imagine not doing for my body and my mindset.

With four to six classes per week, it’s also the perfect excuse to buy plenty of new workout gear!

What’s been the hardest obstacle or challenge for you?

I’d say the hardest thing is maintaining the momentum. It’s so easy to skip a class or miss a week if you can’t be bothered or have stuff on, but I’ve been quite disciplined because I know the benefits.

What about your favourite memory or highlight from your (huge) 750 classes?!

The 3rd birthday celebrations at CORE+ Malvern East were memorable, as I’ve been a member since the beginning. They had a DJ playing tracks during class and at the end of class, the founder and one of my instructors, Amy said a few words; it was really heartfelt as I had been on the journey with the studio.

Another recent memory was during one of Romy’s epic Wednesday night classes, where she incorporated the nutbush into HIIT.  I just remember thinking what a fun night!

A new client is about to start at CORE+. What advice do you give them?

My advice is to just keep going! We all know it’s not an easy workout, and some classes can be extra tough, but showing up is half the battle. As I do most classes after work it can be a struggle after a long day in the office, but I know once I get changed into my workout gear I’ll be fine.

My other suggestion is to only worry about yourself! It’s great if you have a friend in class, but don’t be dictated by them; if they don’t show up you still need to be committed to go by yourself. You have to be your own motivation.

Do you have a quote, motto or affirmation that helps you get through that last set?

Two words: KEEP GOING! Even when you think you have nothing left in the tank, there is always more to give! I notice this when struggling during mountain climbers, but then when I hear there is 10 seconds to go I manage to push that bit more.

Lastly (and most importantly), down dog or deadlift?

Down dog all the way!


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