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Posted on 5 September 2018 by Amy King, Founder, CORE+

While we love all sorts of yoga and Pilates, there’s just something about completing a class in a heated room that gets our blood pumping. Pun intended. We’re certifiably addicted, and considering our most popular classes are those held in the heated studio, it seems you are too!

If you’re new to this practice, we understand that working out in 30 degree temperatures and humidity levels of 40%, can be kinda daunting. But maybe if you knew some of the incredible benefits of hot exercise, it might put your mind at ease? Here are just a few of our absolute favourite reasons.

A speedy warm up
We all know it’s important to warm up before a workout, but thanks to the warmer temperatures inside our studio, this process is a lot faster. Within just a couple of minutes, your muscles will limber up and prepare your body for exercise. You can put down the skipping rope now.

An intensified workout
We won’t sugar coat it: a hot yoga or Pilates class is no easy feat. But it’s perfect if you’re looking to challenge yourself, and reap some bonus rewards along the way! Your heart rate will increase more than normal, and by the end of the class, you’ll be so proud of your efforts, we guarantee you’ll want to come back.

More flexibility
Sore back from sitting at your desk all day? Aching muscles from this week’s exercise regime? Can’t touch your toes? Heated workouts can help! The added heat will soothe your tight muscles and loosen your stiff joints, and you might surprise yourself when you move into a downward dog. Over time, you’ll notice increased flexibility all over your body.

Toxins be gone!
We all love a good sauna sesh to banish the toxins from our body. Think back to the last time you relaxed in a sauna… Remember how good you felt afterwards? A heated workout boasts the same benefits; losing all that sweat means a quick detoxification process and an immunity boost.

Mental strength

At CORE+, we focus on the mind just as much as the body, and it’s for this reason we couldn’t imagine our classes without a little added heat! The higher temperatures mean you’ll have to push yourself to the limits, and from this you’ll build strength and stamina. Throw in some deep stretches and relaxed muscles, and you’ll not only feel strong mentally, but you’ll also have a very clear mind.

A rush of endorphins

There’s nothing that compares to that post-workout feeling – except maybe, that post-workout feeling when you’ve successfully completed a hot Pilates or yoga class! Trust us, you’ll want to give it a try.


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