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Posted on 21 September 2018 by Amy King, Founder, CORE+

It’s the swimwear label that has earned crazy cult status, but Triangl had some pretty humble beginnings. Back in 2012, Craig Ellis and Erin Deering were about to hit the beach on their second date, so naturally, Erin went shopping for a new bikini. When she wasn’t able to find anything within her $100 budget, she chatted to Craig and they realised there was a big gap in the market for high quality, cool and affordable swimwear. Fast forward to now, and Triangl is the proud owner of 2.7 million Instagram followers, and count Kendall Jenner and Beyonce as their customers.

We caught up with longtime CORE+ member and Triangl founder Erin to talk all things business and balance!

We’re big fans of Triangl — it has completely changed the direction of women’s swimwear. How and why did you start Triangl?

Triangl was founded by Craig and I in late 2012. We first discussed the possibility of starting something together on our second date! Craig took me to his favorite beach in Melbourne (Half Moon Bay) and I of course had to find a new bikini beforehand… I went to Chadstone and could not find anything I liked under $100. After chatting, we realised there was a definite gap in high quality, cool and affordable swimwear and so Triangl was created!

What is Triangl all about, and why do you think it’s developed such a following?

Triangl is really about high quality, trend driven, aspirational swimwear. We started the brand really wanting to make bikinis that were super cool, but not at all intimidating. We want girls to feel amazing, look amazing and not feel out of their comfort zone in our bikinis.  

Which of your qualities have helped you to become such a successful entrepreneur?

In the beginning, Craig and I had very different and very complementary skill sets, so we were able to both focus on two core sides of the business – Craig in design and me on customer experience / service. We both respected each other and were able to give the brand our complete commitment as these two areas were our passion. After our success, and having children, I’m now more in tune and I don’t have the time to work on Triangl like I used to (which was really around the clock)! A big thing for me now is to be OK with doing everything and just focussing on what I love and am passionate about.

We’re guessing you’re pretty busy. Can you run us through a typical 24 hours in your life?

At the moment we’re in Hong Kong working on a new collection, so the days are pretty full, but balanced. I wake up at around 7am (which is too late I know!), bathe and feed the boys, then we have some hang time. Then it’s off to get coffee with Craig where we usually sit down for a bit and discuss whatever is on our mind for the day. Once in the office, we spend the day fitting samples. We leave the office between 3-5pm to get home and have some family time… I have stopped working out since getting to Hong Kong just to allow myself the time to ease back into work, but am missing it greatly and starting classes here again next week.

How do squeeze in time for yourself? What are your tricks for balancing work, life and health?

I used to think time for myself meant indulgent things like massages, nails and facials, but now I actually enjoy a workout the most – it gives me greatest balance during my day and so much more energy! My only trick is to listen to your body. Allow yourself the rest when you need it, and enjoy the times you feel good.

Tell us a bit about how you keep in shape — both in body and mind.

I used to be very regimented in my eating. While I’m still very healthy, it’s now about balance. When I do Pilates (my favourite form of exercise) I feel so strong, physically and mentally. I am not one for high impact exercise and Pilates really is the perfect workout for me; an hour of total focus and not much sweating is my dream scenario! I always feel incredible after a class, and crave it when I’ve not worked out for a while. I also have been practicing a bit of mindfulness which works for me; I wake up every day with the mantra ‘I have a choice’. It makes me feel empowered and in turn makes me more appreciative of the life I have.

Which meal or snack can you simply not live without?

Banana pancakes! I make a healthy one with mashed banana and oats and it’s just my favorite treat ever. I enjoy the process of making it so much too; it just makes me really happy! It’s my favorite post workout snack too.

You’re a CORE+ regular — any favourite classes?

I discovered CORE+ when I asked friends on Instagram for a studio recommendation. The classes are so different to what I usually do back home in Monaco or Hong Kong; I miss them a lot! My favourite class is definitely Hot Pilates. Absolute heaven.

What’s next for Triangl?

We aren’t too sure yet; but we’re ready to do some new stuff and change it up a bit… Stay tuned!


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