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Posted on 17 July 2018 by Amy King, Founder, CORE+

It’s a well-known fact that Pilates and yoga fanatics love activewear more than anything else. We prefer workout clothes over regular clothes, and have our own personal favourite labels we shop at (a little too) regularly. For most Pilates and yoga addicts, one of those favourite labels is Melbourne-born JAGGAD, with its fashion-inspired designs that go seamlessly from the reformer bed to brunch.

We were lucky enough to catch up with JAGGAD’s Co-Founder and Creative Director, Michelle Greene to talk about her cult label, her body and mind routine, and what she keeps in her stylish gym bag.

We love JAGGAD! How did it get started?

I first got involved when my husband and I purchased JAGGAD along with great friends Chris and Rebecca Judd in 2013. I came on board as the Creative Director in 2015 when the company changed its focus from triathlon and cycling gear to athletic apparel for women, men and kids.

JAGGAD is renowned for cool workout gear, that bucks the neon trend. Was this intentional?

We have some really strict design pillars at JAGGAD for colour, prints and shapes. We take inspiration from global fashion trends and infuse it into our design DNA so we have a balance of performance and fashion. Also, we appreciate that no two women have the exact same body shape, so we offer a variety of lengths, waistbands and fabrics throughout our range, and we always ensure our colours and patterns create the most flattering design. This is what JAGGAD has become known for.

What’s your personal workout style like?

Always head-to-toe JAGGAD! Most would say my favourite colour is black – that’s definitely my go-to but I do love experimenting with our seasonal prints. I also live in our Jaggad core logo tees and sweaters.

Health and fitness must be really important to you, having started an activewear label. What do you love to do to keep fit?

I love to keep fit, and I want to set a great example for my two children and teach them how important it is to have a happy and balanced lifestyle. I am definitely best when working out with friends or in a group environment – I love group training, and I manage to squeeze in a couple of runs, and a session of cardio tennis with my school friends once a week too.

We know you love reformer Pilates. What are your favourite moves?

I love reformer Pilates, so much so that I invested in a reformer for my home. Anything that works abs and glutes are my kind of moves!

What else do you do to clear the mind and help you relax?

My relaxation time generally comes from hanging with my family on the weekends. There is a lot of logistics between school sports and kids birthday parties and other events, so I really do cherish the time at home with the kids. We will do something active like scooter or bike ride, or if we’ve had a busy day we will put a movie on, make popcorn and relax on the couch.

What do you keep in your gym bag?

I always carry a JAGGAD water bottle, small towel, Rosebud Salve lip balm which has always been a fave, Nivea deodorant, brightening CC cream from The Face by Skin Care Company (it has SPF and adapts to the colour of your own skin tone to even out imperfections), and my phone, of course!

What does a day on your plate look like?

Breakfast will be a green smoothie or avo on toast, sushi for lunch, a protein ball for afternoon tea and we are loving homemade salmon poke bowls for dinner at the moment!

What is your fave Melbourne cafe and what do you order?

The Pantry in Brighton is like my second home; I have been going there since I was a teenager and I am there almost daily for coffee. They have gone on to open Hiro Japanese, Royale Burgers, Green by Pantry, Lickings Icecream and a deli all next to each other, so they really do have all the options covered!

What’s next for JAGGAD?

We have a fun 12 months coming up… keep an eye out for lots of new designs, more collabs and fun events.

Inspired by JAGGAD? You can shop their latest range at or follow them on Instagram at @teamjaggad.