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Posted on 31 January 2019 by Alyce Greer, CORE+ writer

If we listed all the benefits of yoga, we’d be here for daaays. For us, it’s a practice we simply can’t live without, from the way it stretches and strengthen the body, to how it supports the mind. We probably don’t have to tell you how much we love yoga, because if you’ve ever attended one of our classes, you’d know! But lately, we’ve had something in the works; something to take our love of yoga to the next level. We started thinking, “what if we combined traditional yoga with the elements that CORE+ has become known and loved for?” Soon enough, Sweat + Flow was born — our new signature class that is unlike anything you’ve tried before.

CORE+ founder Amy King, the brains behind this revolutionary class, took five with us to share why it was created, what to expect and how you can try it for free this February.

You’ve recently created the Sweat + Flow class for CORE+. What was the process like
So fun! For us, it was about keeping all the hallmarks of a CORE+ mat class that we know and love (the heat, the tunes and the light-heartedness) while bringing in that old-school yoga flow sequencing that just hits the spot every time. It was all about building a class format that is physically challenging but accessible to all levels.

How does the class work and what can members expect?
Well, the name says it all — you’re definitely going to get sweaty! The foundation of the class is non-stop flow, which is always fun with a good playlist. We won’t be breaking down fancy poses so the idea is you keep moving the whole time, and we always throw in some options to dial the intensity up or down as you need. It’s yoga, so there’s a big focus on the breath and we always make time for a healthy savasana. In a soundbite, it’s a full body workout with a total mind reset.

What can we achieve with a Sweat + Flow class?
You’ll walk out the door feeling strong, sweaty and satisfied.

Why do you think this class was needed in the current health and wellness landscape?
There’s a real breadth of experience in yoga. We made this for the people who love CORE+. If you love heat, love good tunes and have been wanting to do more yoga, then this class is for you. It’s also a really time-efficient way to do something for both the body and mind.

What are the key benefits of a Sweat + Flow class?
Our intention is to always offer smart, results-based classes that work on both the body and mind. A healthy body needs a mix of strength and mobility, and this class has opportunity for both in spades. The heat also improves focus and detoxification (uh, yes please!) and the playlists just instantly lift your mood. What’s not to love?

Is Sweat + Flow open to beginners? Any tips for first-timers for before, during or after class?
Yes! All of our classes at CORE+ are suitable for all levels of fitness. Our instructors are there to offer modifications to ease into the class and challenge you as you build your strength. My top tip is to get to a class as soon as you can!

Which studios will host Sweat + Flow? Any other important info we need to know?
You’ll find Sweat + Flow at all of our studios that feature a heated mat room. We’ve got locations all across Melbourne with really generous class schedules, so jump online to find your local at  Also, from 1–10 February 2019, all yoga classes will be free across all our studios, so there’s no better time to come along!


Keen to try Sweat + Flow for yourself? Check out our class schedules, choose your local studio at the top and book into one of our free classes.