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Posted on 29 May 2018 by Amy King, Founder, CORE+

What if we told you for a super effective workout you should eat carbs, exercise for a shorter amount of time and lay on the couch every now and then? It’s true! Keep reading to unlock more secret hacks for getting the most out of your workout.


Wake up, then workout

Are you the kinda person that likes to wake up before dawn and get your workout over and done with, or do you prefer to go after work so you can have a sleep in? Well, it turns out the most effective way to reduce body fat percentage is by exercising first thing in the morning, so you tap into your stored fat, rather than burning off what you ate that day (like that cheeseburger at lunch, for example.)


Load up on the correct pre- and post-workout fuel

That said, working out on a completely empty stomach is not a great idea either as you won’t have enough gas in the tank to power your workout. Combat this by snacking on a banana beforehand – it’s a great source of carbs and won’t fill you up too much.

Post-workout, your body needs food that will replenish glycogen levels, decrease protein breakdown, increase the ability to build muscle and speed up recovery. Cue protein and carbs! We love brown rice crackers with peanut butter, a protein shake with banana, or greek yogurt with berries and homemade granola.


Warm up (and cool down!) properly

We know, it can be tempting to ditch your warm-up routine if you’re running late for class, but a proper warm-up is so important for preventing injury, preparing your body for the workout ahead and yep, making the exercises more effective.

The same can be said for cooling down – even if you have an appointment or coffee date to get to! Develop your own stretch-down series and get familiar with the foam roller.


Opt for circuit workouts

At CORE+ we are champions for the circuit workout. Why do you think all of our classes are based on this tried and true method? By stacking one exercise on top of another with minimal rest in between, your heart rate will remain elevated and this is when you’ll get real sweaty!


And compound exercises

Similarly to circuit workouts, we’re all about compound exercises in our classes – they not only save time, but also make your workout super effective. Rather than isolating one muscle group, compound exercises use multiple muscle groups to build a full body workout – think lunges, squats, kettlebells deadlifts or boxing drills.


Perfect your form

For any movement, if your form isn’t spot on, chances are you’re not getting the most out of it. In fact, you could be opening yourself up to injury and you might be targeting the wrong muscle groups altogether (like feeling squats in your quads instead of your glutes). Ensure your form is correct before you start your fitness journey, and if you’re not sure, chat to one of the CORE+ trainers before class.


Get motivated with music playlists

OK, so the effectiveness of your workout isn’t always down to perfect form and nutrition. Sometimes, all you need is a killer playlist that will motivate you to give 110% through your entire session. That’s why for each and every CORE+ class, we have a completely curated playlist that will move with you (and get you going when you need).


Limit exercise to less than 60 minutes at a time

Gone are the days when you needed to slave away at the gym for an hour or two, wasting time on the treadmill and lifting weights for every different muscle. Research now shows you’re much better off going hard for shorter sessions, rather than pushing through a fatigued body. We’ve designed our CORE+ classes to sit around the 45-55 minute mark so you’re getting the most out of your energy, and well, because we all have other things to do than work out all day long!


Mix up your sessions

Just like us, our bodies get bored doing the same thing over and over, and once we’ve mastered the moves, our progress plateaus. So, every few months, we need to shock the system with a new type of workout. Committed to doing Pilates four times a week? Maybe it’s time to try a Shadow Box class? Love your Core Cardio Reformer? Mix it up with the occasional Kettlebell Yoga class!


Allow your body to recover + restore

When it comes to building the ultimate effective workout regime, you might be surprised to find out that rest is just as important as those morning classes, healthy meals and dedicated warm-ups. After a long week of working toward your goals, treat yourself to a day of rest, a long walk, or our Recover + Restore class. Your body will thank you!

Do you have a secret weapon tip for making your workout more effective? Don’t steal it all for yourself! Share with us via the CORE+ Facebook page.