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Posted on 9 August 2018 by Amy King, Founder, CORE+

This August, CORE+ is sharing the love by inviting you to bring along a friend or family member to one of our classes for free!


How it works

Maybe you’re a current client, and you know your friend would just love the Hot Pilates class? Or maybe you’re not yet a member, but you’re intrigued about CORE+ after listening to your friend rave about her favourite classes?

Either way, between August 10 and 31, at all five of our CORE+ studios, you’ll have your chance! All you need to do is team up with your loved one, sign up to a class online via your studio’s timetable, and enter the promo code CORE+LOVE at checkout to get a complimentary mat or reformer class.


A bit about the CORE+ way of life

CORE+ is a fitness destination like you’ve never experienced. We’re not about intimidation or appearance. We’re about getting strong, sweaty and being there for one another. But we have another key difference, too. Our classes are completely unique and innovative, meaning you can’t try them anywhere else except CORE+. We also pair each of them with curated playlists, because music is scientifically proven to make push-ups at least 10x easier.*


And our innovative class formats

Whether you like to sweat or stretch, there is a class for you. Here are a few of our most popular.


Core Athletic Reformer

An athletic reformer Pilates workout with different themes and focus areas to make sure you’re kept on your toes.


Hot Pilates

A mat-based Pilates workout combining core strengthening exercises, cardio intervals, resistance work, upbeat music and added heat.


Guns, Buns + Tums

A resistance-based circuit dedicated to the three most popular target areas, set to a soundtrack of killer beats.



A dynamic class that fuses together the best parts of Power Yoga and Hot Pilates. You’ll move through strengthening and calming yoga poses while adding resistance through optional weights.


Kettlebell Yoga

A dynamic class that brings together yoga postures with powerful kettlebell movements. It hits every major muscle group emphasising form and technique.


Recover + Restore

Our most regenerative class that will heal the body, sooth the mind and encourage you to be present in the now, using a series of stretches, foam rolling and mindful meditation techniques.


Find out what else is on offer by visiting the Classes page on our website.


You loved your CORE+ experience. Now what?

We offer a range of introductory offers so you can take your time in trying the CORE+ way of life. For more info, head to our Pricing page and click on the studio you’re interested in.

We can’t wait to have you in one of our CORE+ studios soon, and if you have any questions about our Friends With Benefits campaign, drop by the CORE+ Facebook page!