Become An Instructor


At CORE+ we believe fusion fitness is the future of exercise and wellbeing.  And we believe in our classes.  So much so, we want you to learn them too and join the CORE+ movement!  We host regular teacher training programs and workshops for instructors who want to teach the CORE+ way of life.  First you learn from the best, then you can be your best.

Hot Pilates Course

Become a certified CORE+ Instructor and learn to teach our signature CORE+ Hot Pilates class.  The detailed course curriculum covers foundational pilates principles and anatomy, before moving into a CORE+ specific agenda of mat pilates exercises, class structuring, sequencing, heat control, and playlist curation.  We apply a practical approach to learning and will have you fully prepared, empowered, confident and bursting to instruct your first CORE+ Hot Pilates class.

Prerequisite: Previous fitness certificate

Investment: $990

Upcoming Course:
23rd – 25th February 2018

Mat Pilates Course

Become a certified Mat Pilates instructor after this intensive 4-day training course.  You will leave feeling confident, educated, and ready to teach a Mat Pilates class.

Course content includes:

Foundations of Pilates | Pilates Terminology | Anatomy | Class Structure | Timings | Transitions | Neutral Spine and Neutral Pelvis | Common Postural Types | Practice teaching | Cueing and verbal instructions

No prerequisites required.

Upcoming Course:
1st - 4th March 2018

Reformer Workshops

Learning objectives:

Familiarise yourself with the Allegro 2 Reformer
Learn effective teaching techniques
Structure a flowing Reformer Pilates class
Learn modifications and spring selections

Investment: $175

Upcoming Course:
2nd March 2018 (9:30am - 3:30pm)
23rd March 2018 (9:30am - 3:30pm)

Own a Core+ Studio

Want to own your own CORE+ studio? Our franchise system makes owning a CORE+ studio achievable: with our proven class-based model that has a huge following, you’ll be set up for success and continue to have our ongoing support every step of the way.  Sound good?  Get in touch for a chat.