I’m a beginner, which classes can I attend?

Any, and all, of them! Our classes are suitable for people at all levels with appropriate modifications available to help you ease into the class. At CorePlus we’re a welcoming and inclusive bunch, so there’s always someone here to help. We recommend taking advantage of our Intro Offers to try out as many different classes as you can.

What do I need to know in order to prepare myself for my first class?

Arrive: 15 minutes early to register and set up (you can also save time by registering online beforehand)

Wear: Light and comfortable exercise gear. Avoid anything heavy that will weigh you down when you sweat. Leggings or shorts and a light top is perfect.

Bring: Water and a couple of towels (one to go over your mat in the room, and one for a shower afterwards). We sell bottled water, mats and towels at the studio, if you need.

Do I need my runners?

All our classes are low impact and performed in a thermo-controlled studio, so there’s no need for runners in CorePlus classes.

Do I need to book?

It’s always a good idea to book in advance as our classes can fill up quickly.  You can book online here to secure your spot!

Ok, one problem, I can’t touch my toes… can I still come along?

Absolutely. Flexibility is not a prerequisite (but it is something you’ll benefit from the more you come along and practice). In fact, it’s a reason you should come along.

Why the heat?

Our classes are practiced in a thermo-controlled studio space to assist with warming up the muscles, allowing for deeper and safer stretching.

The heat also elevates the heart rate, adding a cardiovascular element to your class for those seeking fitness benefits in addition to strength and flexibility.

As you sweat, your pores are opened and cleaned and your body has begun to detox. There is nothing quite like the glow you experience as a result of regular practice, as your eyes beam brighter and skin becomes clear and smooth.

The heated room really ensures you focus your mind and your breath, leading to better concentration and improved mental clarity.

We use different levels of heat for each class. You can check out detailed information on each class here.

What are the benefits?

The diverse range of CorePlus classes means that there are a multitude of positive outcomes as a result. The more classes you try, the more benefits you are likely to see. Just some of these include:

Fitness: high-intensity elements assist with weight loss and improved cardiovascular health.

Strength: from static postures to weight work, you’ll build strength and muscle tone in each CorePlus class.

Flexibility: consistent practice in the controlled environment of the heated room will enable you to reach new levels of personal flexibility

Mindfulness: by calming your mind and encouraging you to be present in the moment, CorePlus classes help reduce stress and anxiety in everyday life.

Skin: your skin will glow as the heat opens your pores and the sweat flushes away nasty toxins

By combining a range of cardio, weight work and stretching to your health and fitness program you’ll avoid plateauing. One thing we can assure you is that you’ll never get bored at CorePlus!

What pass is the best value?

If you plan on doing two or more classes per week, our direct debit memberships are going to be the best value for you.  There’s a range of different membership options and class packages available, click here to find out more.

Can I put my pass on hold?

Yes, if you’re going away on holidays, get struck down with the dreaded flu or need to put a hold on your pass for any other reason please let us know in advance and we’ll sort it out for you.


Firstly, congratulations! Everybody is different, so we advise you to chat with your doctor or obstetrician to help you decide what’s best for you. Please note: Our Mat classes are heated so please avoid these classes altogether while you are pregnant. As with our Reformer classes they are an athletic group fitness style class and not designed for pregnancy.

If you’d like to keep moving with us throughout your pregnancy then we offer the following:

Private 1 on 1 classes. A handful of our Instructors are prenatal trained so please reach out to your local studio and chat to them in regards to organising 1 on 1 classes. Your local studio can offer you times that are available along with the class rates.

Pregnancy friendly group Reformer classes. These classes are taught by pregnancy qualified Pilates instructors and follow a set sequence that is pregnancy friendly. These classes are designed to get you moving during your pregnancy. Class rates are based on normal membership costs. Please remember your body needs love and special attention during this time. We highly recommend a 1 on 1 before commencing any pregnancy classes. If you have any further questions please either reach out to your local studio or see our Pre and Post Natal Pregnancy information page.


Our classes are designed for adults, however children 14 years and over are welcome to participate in classes provided their parents or guardians consent. We require that parents or guardians also sign any contracts entered into if the person is under the age of 18 years. Unfortunately children are not permitted to wait at the studio while their parent or guardian participate in a class.

Still have questions and want to talk to a human? Give us a call on 1300 CORE PLUS